Four Candles Formula — 3 Day Live Masterclass Review

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The Four Candles Formula 3 Day Live Masterclass offers targeted strategies for personal development and growth. Participants rave about the actionable insights and transformative potential of this immersive experience.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with the Four Candles Formula Masterclass. Tailored for those eager for personal growth, this three-day live event presents a concise framework for attendees to unlock their full potential. Hosted by renowned industry experts, the masterclass dives deep into techniques for achieving personal and professional goals.

With practical lessons and interactive sessions, the event is designed to leave you equipped with valuable skills and an action plan to make tangible changes in your life. This masterclass is an investment in your future, promising results that speak to a diverse attendee base seeking clarity and direction. Engage with peers and mentors to foster an environment of growth and mutual success at this highly acclaimed live event.

Introduction To Four Candles Formula Masterclass

The Four Candles Formula Masterclass has swiftly gained acclaim. Its blend of practical advice and actionable strategies has attracted scores of professionals eager to ignite their careers.

The 3-day live event promises a deep dive into the formula’s core principles. Attendees can anticipate an interactive experience, structured to move from theory to practice seamlessly. Sessions will be led by industry experts, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm.

Day one kicks off with establishing a solid foundation, exploring the masterclass ethos. Days two and three ramp up the intensity, focusing on applying the Four Candles Formula’s insights to achieve professional mastery.

Four Candles Formula — 3 Day Live Masterclass Review


What Is The Four Candles
Formula Challenge?

We’re thrilled to introduce the “Four Candles Formula” 3-Day Masterclass with Sean Donahoe. Every day we’ll go LIVE and walks students through a revolutionary approach to online business success, launching on March 5th.

This is your chance to join one of the most anticipated launches of the year and offer your audience a path to achieving a 75.5% success rate in a simple way that only takes one skill. When they master that skill, they will never have to worry about money again.

Best of all, it’s a business model that requires zero products, sales, marketing or headaches and its something they can do with zero prior experience.

We cut through the noise and complexity, offering a clear, manageable path to success, ideal for those who have been overwhelmed by other online ventures – This is a simple 3-step system only takes 10 minutes a day and requires none of the hassles and headaches of traditional online business models.

With a commitment of just a few minutes a day, this masterclass fits seamlessly into busy schedules, making it ideal for your audience who value their time. Best of all, the method requires minimal time to execute.

We cut through the noise and complexity, offering a clear, manageable path to success, ideal for those who have been overwhelmed by other online ventures – This is a simple 3-step system that requires no headaches of traditional online business models.

We cut through the noise and complexity, offering a clear, manageable path to success, ideal for those who have been overwhelmed by other online ventures – This is a simple 3-step system that requires no headaches of traditional online business models.

Partner with us to earn 100% front end commissions, a $35k+ no minimums prize pool and a product that actually works

What Is The Product?


We’re going to teach your audience how to trade in a new and unique way that makes it accessible to everyone. Most people have a warped belief that trading is complex or difficult. The truth is that its one of the BEST online businesses you can create, requires no products, marketing, traffic, customers, or any of the headaches and hassles most businesses online require…

 … It’s a business you can PRACTICE before you ever go LIVE to make sure you have everything rolling smoothly like ANY other business.

 In fact,  with ONE skill, which we will teach them, you can quickly learn how to trade the smart way.

 Learning this one skill can make it so they never have to worry about money again.

 We’re going to teach them an approach that is the simplest way to trade we’ve ever developed.

 It’s so powerful, we’re switching all our personal trading to focus on this ONE method that has a 75.5% success rate so far at the time of writing this and the profits land the same day in our accounts…


That means it’s consistent, very profitable, can be done almost anywhere in the world and even done from your cell phone while you get on with the rest of your day. 

Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

1. Look for a pattern in the first 2 hours of the trading day (9:30AM to 11:30AM)

2. Right click, select profit wanted

3. Walk away and get on with the rest of the day…  Yes, its that bloody simple and when you see this in motion it’s a sight to behold.

Without going in to nerd-speak (which isn’t needed) this is a 10 year performance with profit.

They Decide How Much to PULL From The Markets – $250, $500, $1000, $2000+ A Day

They can start with a very small amount of money and scale fast. They are in control of every step and can even do everything from their cell phone. The markets don’t have to move much for them to command incredible profits every day there is an opportunity. They can pre-determine how much profit they want for the day and at the end of the day, if their trade is successful, the money lands in their account without question.

It’s by far the most successful, profitable and consistent method for trading we’ve ever developed and its why I am moving everything over to this ONE method for myself and why I want to share it with everyone.

Here’s What’s Included

 5 Days Of LIVE Video Training
(3 Core Days + 2 Bonus Days)

 Daily Action Plans

 Hands-On Coaching & Mentorship

 BONUS #1: Private Facebook Group

 BONUS #2: Session Transcripts

 BONUS #3: Cliffs Notes Guides

 BONUS #4: LIVE “Ask Me Anything” Session

 BONUS #5: Additional Seat For A Spouse Or Partner

 BONUS #6: 24-Hour Replay Access

5 Days Of LIVE, Step-By-Step Video Training

 Introduction to the Program: Brief overview of the new few days of training with an emphasis on how you can do this from where you are right now with the experience you have, regardless of previous challenges and without any products, selling, marketing or any of those headaches and hassles from conventional online businesses…

 The 3/30 Strategy Overview: We’ll take a 30,000ft overview of what we are doing, why it works, and how this only takes a few minutes a day to create that consistent income in any market conditions

 The Tools of the Trade: We’re going to set things up so you can get started, what you need and how to get rolling fast

 Production Line: The key to long term profits is consistency and predictability and we’re going to show you how to make this a production line process

 The ONE Skill: Everything comes down to this ONE Skill that, when mastered, means you’ll never worry about money again. We’ll reveal what that ONE skill is…

We go into detail on the strategy, the set up and what creates the consistent and predictable income with this approach

Unlike ANY other business ever, you can practice your business before you start for real. We’ll even show you how to get a virtual $100,000 to practice with… 

Its not about the money you make but also the money you keep and that is where we use a business like approach to maximize profits and minimize risks

Day 3: The 4-Hours to
80-100% Profit

How and why we can speed up our ability to profit by 45-120x with a little known twist that allows us to capture our profits in just a few hours…

How these two clicks can create your profits for the day regardless if the markets are going up, down or sideways

How, in under 4 hours, your profits could be ready to take off the table and put back in your pocket ready for the future…

How to automatically cash out your move for the day, and let the profits grow your account every day

How you can use the core “Rebel Trader” principals to create a consistent and predictable flow of income from this approach

Bonus Day 4: What Next?
Celebration and Wrap Up

We bring everything together with a celebration of your successes and course corrections if needed to make sure it all comes together

One of our private secret weapons is the HIVE and we’ll reveal what this is, how it works and how this can accelerate your success with the method

How to use everything you’ve learned in the last 3 days and take it even further with extra strategies we haven’t even discussed that creates more opportunities for greater profits

How to ensure your long-term success and make sure you stay on track, focus on profits and know that you have a team behind you pushing you…

How to continue this journey with additional training, tools and support.

Bonus Day 5: Live “Ask Me
Anything” Q&A

If you have ANY question, this is your additional opportunity to ask or learn from other peoples questions that you may have not thought of yet

Sean has a reputation for leaving no stone unturned and giving it his all, he’ll hold nothing back and give you insights from over 25 years doing this…

Sean will reveal insider strategies and tweaks to everything you’ve learned to maximize your success and accelerate your time to master this

Sean will also do a full recap of everything from the last few days and help you create your personal “Game Plan” for where you go from here…

You can look over Sean’s shoulder and he will review your efforts during this challenge and give live guidance on how to optimize results.

JV Contest & Prizes 

Over $35,000.00 + In Prizes &

100% Front End Commissions 


2nd Prize  $1,500.00

2nd Prize  $7,000.00

1st Prize  $15,000.00

3rd Prize  $3,000.00

4th Prize  $1,500.00

5th Prize  $750.00

Breaking Down The Four Candles Formula

The Four Candles Formula is a dynamic approach to personal and business growth. Its recent 3 Day Live Masterclass aimed to unpack layers of strategy and execution. Distinct principles form the core of the formula, emphasizing clarity, consistency, commitment, and courage. These aspects are pivotal for achieving significant milestones.

A range of tools and techniques were unveiled during the Masterclass. Participants discovered how to harness the power of goal-setting and the importance of building a solid routine. Effective time-management strategies were also a key focus. Interactive sessions highlighted the impact of focused action and the need for continual learning. This Masterclass provided actionable insights to drive meaningful change.

Day-by-day Breakdown Of The Masterclass

The Four Candles Formula Masterclass kicks off with Day One: The Foundation. This day sets the stage, offering participants a solid base for advanced concepts. Attendees learn crucial strategies for personal growth and goal-setting techniques.

Day Two: Diving Deeper takes the learning up a notch. Participants dive into the complexities of systematic approaches and delve into tailored tactics for success. This day is pivotal for internalizing the Four Candles Formula’s unique aspects.

The final stretch, Day Three: Integration and Application, ensures attendees are ready to apply their new skills. It synthesizes prior lessons, offering realistic scenarios for participants to practice. The day is about turning knowledge into action.

Success Stories And Testimonials

Attendees of the Four Candles Formula Masterclass have seen remarkable changes in their lives. Stories of personal transformation and career advancement flood in after the event. Many have achieved goals they never thought possible. One participant secured a dream job offer within a week. Another launched a profitable business, gaining financial independence. Several attendees noted significant improvements in their personal relationships.

These success stories highlight the powerful impact of the masterclass. With focused guidance, attendees overcome obstacles and reach new heights. The testimonials often mention the clarity and confidence gained to pursue ambitious projects. Lives transform, and goals are not just met but exceeded.

Evaluating The Masterclass

The Four Candles Formula Masterclass stands out with its high-quality content and effective delivery. Participants praised the clarity and practical applications provided during the three-day event.

Compared to other courses, it offers unique insights that can accelerate personal and professional growth. The trainers’ expertise and interactive sessions foster a productive learning environment.

Value for money is a key factor for any course. With its hands-on approach and actionable strategies, many agree that it is a smart investment for those seeking tangible results.

Four Candles Formula — 3 Day Live Masterclass Review


Conclusion And Next Steps

The Four Candles Formula Masterclass imparts powerful strategies for business growth. Participants learn to harness key principles to catapult their success.

Implementing the formula requires dedication and precision. Begin by setting clear goals and milestones for your business. Keep a steady pace, and apply the teachings consistently. Monitor progress and adapt as needed.

For ongoing support and deeper learning, future training sessions and resources will be invaluable. Your journey does not end with this masterclass. Continual education and application will cement the foundation laid during these three transformative days.

Four Candles Formula — 3 Day Live Masterclass Review


Frequently Asked Questions On Four Candles Formula — 3 Day Live Masterclass Review

What Is The Four Candles Formula?

The Four Candles Formula is a strategy taught in a 3-day masterclass aiming to empower attendees with practical financial trading skills. The course focuses on teaching specific techniques designed to read market trends for profitable trading.

Who Teaches The Four Candles Masterclass?

The masterclass is led by an experienced trader known for their expertise in the financial markets. The instructor provides hands-on lessons and trading insights over the course of three days, guiding attendees through the Four Candles Formula.

How Can I Register For The Masterclass?

Registration for the Four Candles Formula Masterclass is available online on the organizer’s website. Prospective participants can sign up by filling out a form and completing the payment process to secure their spot.

What Topics Are Covered In The 3 Day Masterclass?

The masterclass covers various topics including market analysis, risk management, and applying the Four Candles Formula strategy. It aims to equip participants with the knowledge to make informed trading decisions.


Wrapping up, the Four Candles Formula Masterclass is a must for growth seekers. This 3-day event offers actionable insights, mingling with minds alike. Don’t miss out—chart your success, ignite your potential, and light your path with the knowledge gained. Your journey to mastery begins here.

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